For most young children, there is nothing more euphoric than Christmas morning. Waking up early is a requirement. Flying down the steps to tear open presents is also a given. Country superstar Keith Urban was no different than your average, Christmas-loving kid while growing up in Australia. The singer revealed how he spent Christmas mornings and how he was the personal alarm clock of Mom and Dad Urban!

The singer/guitarist told CMT Radio that "I have a great image of getting up early and jumping on my parents' bed and getting them up. Of course, you go and tear into your presents and then it's done – and it's like 8 in the morning."

Urban effectively captured the high (and low) of Christmas morning. You wait 364 days for Christmas and it's over in seconds. Talk about extremes!

Urban placed the holiday loved by children the world in over in a more current perspective, saying, "You've got all morning now to wish you had more presents to open."

At least Urban and his Oscar-winning wife Nicole Kidman can enjoy and revel in watching their young daughters Sunday and Faith open their gifts on Christmas morning. They probably don't mind the girls jumping on their bed at the crack of dawn to wake them up, either.

Can't you just picture mini-Urban, leaping on his parents bed? Too cute.