When Keith Urban isn't in the studio recording albums, playing his hits live for fans or judging contestants on 'American Idol,' he's at home with his girls; his two daughters and his wife, Nicole Kidman. Sometimes, that time at home includes playing music for his kids ... against his will.

The Aussie country singer has already been a big influence on his two girls, 5-year-old Sunday Rose and 2-year-old Faith Margaret, who now share his love for music. Sunny is a young music buff, and her taste expands far beyond the country genre. Icona Pop's 'I Love It' is one of her favorites, even if she hasn't quite gotten the words right yet.

When Sunny has a request for dad, it's not always one he would get to play on the road.

"There’s a Scottish program called ‘Shaun the Sheep,’” Urban says (quote via ABC News). “And they love this ‘Shaun the Sheep,’ and there’s this crazy theme … that they always have me play on the piano. I had to learn it."

He admits, "So, I play ‘Shaun the Sheep,’ like, all the time.”

Sunny's taste has also influenced her dad's music, although we probably won't see a 'Shaun the Sheep' cover anytime soon. In fact, all three of Urban's girls have played their own part in his music, especially on his latest album, 'Fuse.'

“They inspire so much of what I do,” the singer shares. “They hear everything. Nic is hearing all the songs as they’re coming in and she lives with this record as long as I do.”

How sweet!