Keith Urban's family is the 'fuse' that lights up his life, and the four-time Grammy-winning singer reveals that his music is truly a family affair.

Urban tells ABC News that his wife, Nicole Kidman, and two daughters, Sunday Rose, 5, and Faith Margaret, 2, have inspired his latest 13-track album, 'Fuse,' which is set to hit stores Sept. 10.

“They inspire so much of what I do,” Urban reveals. “They hear everything. Nic is hearing all the songs as they’re coming in and she lives with this record as long as I do.” In fact, his family doesn't just inspire him -- they also travel with him. The country star is on the road for his 2013 Light the Fuse Tour, and his tight-knit family tags along when they can, making his music a true family event.

"I’ll have them here selling T-shirts,” Urban jokes, adding, "I’ll have Sunny, I’ll have a little stand for her." His young daughters seem to adjust well to being roadies, and there's one thing they always enjoy when riding along with their dad: “They love the bunks on the bus,” he shares.

Urban is completely committed to his family, and previously stated that "life started" when he met his wife -- so it's only natural that he includes his family in everything that he does, including his work.

When you're a busy musician married to an A-list actress, quality family time is often difficult to obtain, but Urban seems to be juggling it well. It may not be typical, but his great example of being a passionate husband and father is inspirational!