Keith Urban has been married to wife Nicole Kidman since 2006, and he knows a thing or two about what makes relationships strong, so the singer is sharing his secret on what makes love last.

“I mean for me, I think a lot of it has to do with just staying present, because you know, when we start relationships, we’re so capable of honoring each other at the beginning off a relationship with cards and flowers and chocolates and attention and affection and priority," Urban tells Universal Music Group, "And then all of that all too many times starts to drift away, and it drifts away because it’s easy at the beginning. It just happens naturally. You’re almost overdoing it sometimes in the beginning."

"As time goes on, it becomes easier to take the love of your life for granted," he furthers.

However, the country maintains that it is essential to find intentional and meaningful ways to stay connected to your significant other so that your relationship can continue to mature and deepen. Whether it's something as simple as a bouquet of flowers or as extravagant as a surprise weekend getaway, he believes in the importance finding special ways to show your love how much you care.

When he's not doing nice things for his wife, Urban is playing shows for his biggest fans. The singer will make a stop at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival this June. Get tickets here.

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