Ah driving around the great state of Texas. You can always see something that can rather be unexpected. In my short time in living this state, I've seen way more people than I expect go the wrong way on a one way, that's for sure.

But rather than talk about the sometimes silly drivers in this wonderful state, rather we'll be taking about the area around us driving in the state. But what item on the roads of the state drives us nuts sometimes? There's...so many to choose.

Could it be stop signs? A road closed sign? Those orange cones around the state for construction are also annoying.

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Well, It Turns Out A Stop Light Is Our Topic Of Discussion Today

Yes, you did indeed read that right, a simple stop light has brought upon many an eye on it, thanks to social media. But what exactly is causing people to look at it? Well, just watch (Also please pardon the tag at the end):

WHAT?! If our counting is right, the light was green was two seconds, and yellow for six seconds. That's barely any to clear up traffic, or help anyone get to their destination. But how...how is a light programmed this way?

Is there more to this story that we're not seeing? I find it hard to believe that this light doesn't have an electrical issue. One thing is for sure, you'll have to pay attention when waiting for it to change.

Have you seen a quicker light in the state of Texas? Sound off by letting us know by using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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