Usually when adorable kids sing country songs, it's a sweet rendition of a classic, but this one is also hilarious! Students from a New York elementary school had a little fun with Garth Brooks' 'Friends in Low Places,' mixing it up for Thanksgiving.

Deejay Richie Phillips from WGNA in Albany got the kids to sing about their least favorite Thanksgiving food: yams! The group did a parody of the Brooks hit, calling their own 'I Hate Yams in All Places.'

"I hate yams in all places / I'd rather chew on my shoe laces / But it's only right to be polite / It's only right to tell my mother / Feed the yams to my brother / 'Cause I hate yams in all places," they sing hilariously. Watch the entire parody above, then click below to see more cute kids singing country songs!

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