Killeen City Council will continue to consider a proposal to implement mandatory recycling throughout the city.
The implementation of citywide recycling is estimated to cost $4.6 million. The cost would cover seven recycling trucks, 46,000 recycling carts, and personnel costs. Recycling carts would be 65 or 90 gallons, significantly larger than the boxes currently in use.
Killeen Director of Solid Waste Michael Cleghorn estimates that the city will save between $210,000 and $420,000 each year due to the decrease in fees for using the Temple landfill and the cost of transporting waste.
Residents would experience a $2.50 increase on their utility bill, regardless of if they choose to use the service. Under the current system, residents can choose to pay $2.48 each month for a recycling program.
The Council will consider the plan for the 2013-14 fiscal budget, which begins Oct. 1.