Another sign that we're getting back to normal following the pandemic - the Killeen Farmers market is set to open on Tuesday.

Central Texas weather is starting to warm up, and as we near the end of the pandemic, hopefully the events we missed in 2020 are starting to come back in 2021. That includes farmers markets, where you can support local growers and find great food that's good for you.

Many local farmers markets in Central Texas went on lockdown during the pandemic, with many of the people who make a living from those sales having to find other ways to make an income.  The good news is that the 2021 season looks to be a great rebound for many of those folks.

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The season gets started Tuesday, May 4 with the Killeen Farmers Market. Hilary J. Shine with the City of Killeen reports that the Farmers Market will be at 2201 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd. at the Rosa Hereford Community Center parking lot. It'll be open from 3-6 PM and run through October.

Each week will feature goods from local farmers, bakers, and various other vendors that will be selling popcorn and other handmade crafts.

The opening on Tuesday, May 4th will feature music and giveaways, and The Killeen Animal Shelter will also be on hand with a chance for you to adopt your new best friend.

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There are so many great reasons to support the local farmers markets. It's a great way to connect with the local community and know you're supporting family farmers. It's also great knowing where your food comes from, and you can learn some great tips and recipes while picking up some some new meal ideas. Plus you'll taste some real flavors fresh from the farm.

If you'd like to be a vendor at the farmers market, call 254-501-6390 or apply online here.

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