Killeen ISD is hoping these new incentives will help fill the jobs they have available.

Have we reached a time where NOBODY wants to work? Why is it so hard to fill open positions not only here in Central Texas, but across the country. Just about everywhere you go you'll see "Help Wanted" signs posted.

Grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, fast food establishments (just to name a few) are all looking for people to work.

Killeen ISD is hoping some new hiring incentives will help fill the open positions they have available at the district. KCEN reports that there are currently 280 teachers positions available and they are hoping the new incentives will help get those positions filled.

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280 open positions is a lot even for the largest school district in the area. Superintendent Dr. John Craft tells KCEN, "Typically we have about 60 to 65 being a large school district."

The new incentive program started for new employees hired on or after September 1st include $1,000 for full-time professional, $500 for part-time professional, $500 for full-time hourly and $250 for part-time hourly employees.

Hopefully those incentives will help get people back to work. KISD is hoping to continue to add new teachers to the district so if you are interested in applying, you can search for openings and apply at http://BIT.LY/KISDJOBS.

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