Since the pandemic began back in 2020, Killeen ISD's response has garnered mix emotions and opinions about whether students should be in classrooms or learning remotely.

The first obvious concern is supervision. While some parents are able to be at home to keep an eye on their children and their learning, most parents are probably working a 9-to-5 (or longer) job and not able to be both employee and educator.

As a Killeen parent, I must admit that I, along with my son, got cabin fever, and we were both ready for him to get back to school.

Whatever your feelings on this, it looks like Killeen ISD may soon offer the remote learning option again, but with some requirements limiting the number of eligible students.


At a meeting Tuesday night, the KISD school board considered the remote option and what it could mean for the district.

Lauran Dodd with the Killeen Daily Herald reports that the option would be possible under Texas Senate Bill 15, signed by Governor Abbott earlier this year.

The bill would fund remote learning for about 4,400 KISD kids, but only those who had a C average or higher while learning remotely last year and had fewer than 10% unexcused absences.

A decision wasn't made Tuesday, but the district will reportedly keep discussing it.



In so many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic created what felt like a lose-lose situation at a certain point. Parents like myself wanted to keep our kids as safe and secure as possible, but aside from scheduling concerns, there were also issues of wanting our kids to build good social skills and be able to interact with their fellow students.

Those interactions are challenging enough during a normal school year, but the challenges have been greater during these times.

So, while our kids were missing out, we wanted their safety to be the top priority. Sacrifices had to be made.



Of course, there are also the issues of staffing, and the health and safety of our teachers and faculty at KISD schools.


Should Killeen ISD offer remote learning again? If your child was eligible, would you consider it? Let us know in the poll below.

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