Killeen Community Center at 2201 E. Veterans Memorial Boulevard is open as a warming shelter until noon Tuesday.  If you know somebody who needs a ride take them there or contact the Killeen Police department (254) 501-8830

As freezing weather settles in again tonight, City of Killeen staff wants you to remember the 4 P's: pets, plants, pipes, and people.

I got a press release so I am passing it on to you.

If you have a dog or cat outdoors, bring them inside or provide another space for them to stay warm.

Plants that can be brought indoors should be, and those that have to remain outside should be covered to avoid damage.

To protect your pipes from the weather, unhook hoses from outside faucets and wrap exposed pipes with insulation. Inside your home, open the cabinets underneath your sinks. This will let warm air from the house keep your pipes from freezing. You may want to let a faucet drip to avoid pipe breaks.

Rolling blackouts are also a possibility so unplug those unnecessary appliances and don't turn the heat up to high.

Put on some extra blankest and stay warm!