Killeen police will have extra patrols on the road Friday to look out for impaired drivers.

According to a Killeen Police Department news release, the patrols are part of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program - a TxDOT grant. The initiative is aimed at preventing impaired drivers from hurting themselves or anyone else.

Friday is St. Patrick's Day, and while we're all about folks having fun, we hope you'll do so responsibly. If not, you could end up in cuffs. That's IF you're lucky and don't end up in the hospital, possibly with people you've hurt.

If you go out without a designated driver or find yourself in need of a safe ride home, we recommend saving the number for No DUI of Killeen to your phone (844-636-5463). You should probably bookmark their website, too - particularly the page where you can request a ride.

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