Need a fresh start? The Killeen Public Library is wiping the slate clean for everyone with late fees. All you have to do is make a donation to the Killeen Animal Shelter!

What Can I Donate to the Killeen Animal Shelter?

It doesn't have to be a monetary donation, either. Until December 22nd, you can donate blankets, pet food, pet shampoo, toys, collars, leashes, bowls, and wipes.

With the weather starting to cool down, the Killeen Animal Shelter especially needs blankets right now. They can use your old linens, towels, and anything that can be used to help keep the pets warm. With 79 dog kennels and 65 cat cages at the facility, there're a lot of animals that need bedding!

How the Killeen Animal Shelter Saves Little Lives

Some of the many services that the Killeen Animal Shelter provides include adoption services, microchipping, accepting owner surrenders, investigating animal cruelty, and  caring for sick or injured animals.

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Where Can I Take My Donations?

You can take your donations to two different locations: Main Library at 205 E. Church Avenue or Copper Mountain Branch Library at 3000 South WS Young Drive.

Getting your balance down to zero for library fees is a great bonus for helping the animal shelter, and you can mark off your good deed for the day!

That Said...

Just one catch: this doesn't apply to items for which a Municipal Court summons has been issued, lost, or damaged items. If you have questions or need more information, you can call (254) 501-8996 or (254) 501-7871.

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