After years of discussion, high school students in Killeen, Texas will be staying on campus for lunch this fall. However, not everyone agrees with the decision.

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Killeen Independent School District Superintendent John Craft strongly recommended that the board vote to close campuses at lunchtime in order to keep students safe.

We’ve had car accidents; we’ve had car accidents that involved, unfortunately, loss of life. We’ve had students trespassing into individuals’ yards...Students leaving campus and coming back under the influence.

-Killeen ISD Superintendent John Craft (Killeen Daily Herald)

Craft says with the opening of a new high school next year, this is the best opportunity for the district to close campuses, according to KWTX.

Reactions on Social Media

Criticism of the decision on Facebook mentioned the fact that Killeen ISD has been unable to offer lunch to every high school student on campus due to limits on cafeteria space. These limitations have resulted in thousands of students visiting local restaurants or convenience stores for food.

People complained the loss of that business could hurt the area's economy, saying smaller, locally owned places depend on the lunch rush. Others were concerned about students being unable to eat due to crowding issues, and said there was no plan in place to make sure KISD would be capable of serving every student on campus before the decision was made.

Supporters of the change said students would be safer on campus, and there would be less traffic and trash in the area at lunchtime.

Exceptions to Closed Campus Rule

Under the new rules, there are still some students that will be able to leave campus.

High school seniors who meet their 'College, Career, and Military Readiness criteria' (CCMR) will be exempt from the policy and can eat lunch off campus with their parents’ approval.

What Do You Think?

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