If you've been paying attention to my writing, you know I am not a fan of you leaving the engine running and you just leaving your car, whether it's to run in the store quickly or for whatever reason.

A Killeen dad told police he turned his back on his running car for just a moment Saturday afternoon before it was stolen by two teenagers. To make matters worse, his 9-month-old baby was inside the vehicle!

According to the Killeen Police Department's website, the man told officers he'd left the vehicle running while he stepped out to talk to his wife as she was ordering food at an unspecified restaurant. When he turned back around, the car and the baby were nowhere to be seen.

He called 9-1-1 around 5:21 PM, and within minutes police spotted the stolen vehicle still in Killeen headed north on 38th Street with two teens inside.

After the two teenagers didn't stop, a chase ensued and they were eventually detained by Killeen Police. Police say they were a 15-year-old male and a 14-year-old female, but did not release their names.

The baby wasn't in the car.

Thankfully, officers also received information that the baby had abandoned on the side of a roadway, and the child was quickly found in his car seat and appeared to be unharmed. Emergency medical responders were called in to make sure.

KPD was able to retrieve and return the baby to its parents in good health.

“This is another reminder to never leave children in an unattended vehicle, not even for a moment," Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble said. "Thieves are always looking for crimes of opportunity. The officers with Days B Shift did an outstanding job locating the vehicle and safely returning the infant to his family.

So, two big lessons to take away here. One, don't leave your kid alone in a vehicle, and two, don't leave your car running and unlocked and turn your back for even a moment. You have no idea who's out prowling for something to steal, and you could lose something far more valuable than your car.


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