Demand for at-home COVID-19 testing has been high, and now there's a drought of supplies in west Bell County.

Sold Out

The Killeen Daily Herald's Taylor Cooper reported Wednesday that retailers in Bell County were out of take-home, rapid COVID-19 testing kits. Other tests that take longer to produce results were still available, but if you were looking for a rapid at-home test, it wasn't just you who was out of luck.

We Must Be Mindful and Courteous

There's no mask mandate in Texas, and I know everybody has a different opinion when it comes to masking up in the first place. Personally, my family and I are going to continue giving people plenty of space when we're out and wearing our masks.

Things have calmed down somewhat, but I remember how weirdly confrontational people were when it came to masking not so long ago. Now that there's another variant going around, maybe it's time to reconsider.

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The Allergy Situation Isn't Helping

What makes matters even worse is cedar fever. It's causing a lot of people to have symptoms that might easily be confused with those of COVID-19. Maybe that's one reason tests have sold out?

Whatever the case, if you feel sick and you're not sure, the rapid at-home tests aren't going to be an option until local stores get their hands on new supplies, and you know those will go quickly too. Don't just rely on your gut. If you're feeling sick, see a doctor.

Keep Killeen Strong

I'm hoping more people will take this pandemic seriously and take measures to protect themselves and others.

This situation makes me wonder how many tests were sold to folks who didn't even believe COVID-19 was a real thing, or that it wasn't serious enough to worry about. Everything's fully open now, but the tests are sold out. Interesting.

The situation being what it is, I suggest that Central Texas remain safe and follow the protocols we were practicing in the beginning of the pandemic. Let's take it seriously and put this pandemic behind us.

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