Back in 2021, a dog named Samsonite was unfortunately harmed by two individuals. After the passage of nearly 2 years, it seems justice has finally caught up to one who believed he could answering for his actions.

The Beginnings Of The Case

We first talked about the case in December of 2021. The two individuals, Alex Manuel Soto Cruz and Keishaw Aquino-Rodriguez were taken into custody following the discovery they had harmed a dog named Samsonite. FOX 44 reported the injuries sustained by the dog were severe, including burns, shot with an airsoft gun, and being beaten.

One of the individuals, Cruz, according to KWTX, went to court went sent to jail for 3 years. However, Aquino-Rodriguez chose to flee after bonding out of prison. His whereabouts were unknown, until know.

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Aquino-Rodriguez's Location Discovered

KWTX reports Aquino-Rodriguez was finally located, albeit in an unexpected area. Officers in Mahoning County of Ohio recently arrested him on a charge of felony domestic violence. So the question some may wonder is about is what will to happen the second suspect?

According to the news organization, if Aquino-Rodriguez bonds out of the charge in Ohio, law enforcement will then hold an extradition hearing to bring him back to Central Texas for his Felony Animal Cruelty and added Failure To Appear Charge.

While the potential punishment has yet to be revealed, it is truly fantastic to see someone who potentially harmed an innocent animal be brought to justice.

As this is a developing story, more information will be provided when it becomes available.

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