Here in Killeen, Texas we definitely play hard, but we work a lot harder. Entrepreneurs are growing each day in the city and it’s really great to be a part of it and witness the growth in my community.

Amethyst Gillis, owner-operator of EventswithAmey, is really making a name for herself when it comes to pop-up shops that no only give people a chance to enjoy shopping local, but create opportunities for Killeen entrepreneurs to network with one another.

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Courtesy of Amethyst Gillis-Hundley
Courtesy of Amethyst Gillis-Hundley


I have personally watched this young lady grow into a true local business leader, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Events by Amy is hosting a summer pop-up on Sunday, July 10 with the perfect theme - a luau. It's an opportunity for all entrepreneurs in Central Texas to come together and network, share information, encourage each other, and get tips and tricks to help their businesses thrive. Plus there's some great shopping to be done.

There will be a dollar entry fee, a live DJ, raffle tickets, food, and plenty of vendors at this event. It's all happening at the Killeen Civic Center located at 3601 S. WS Young.

Courtesy of Amethyst Gillis-Hundley
Courtesy of Amethyst Gillis-Hundley


If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, this is the perfect place to be. Amey is really good about making sure other businesses and companies are put on a particular platform so they don’t go unnoticed. I’ve said this once before and I will definitely say it again - she reminds me of a young Carolyn Brown, and she is well on her way to greatness!

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