There are 3 major tragedies that can occur to you in life, and each is incredibly challenging to deal with in their own specific ways. One of those major tragedies is the loss of your home, which is what happened to 6 Killeen, Texas residents simultaneously yesterday afternoon when an apartment complex caught fire on the 900 block of East Adams Avenue a little before 3 yesterday afternoon.

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Another one of those 3 major tragedies is loss of life, and thankfully that did not occur, nor were any injuries reported. However, there are now 6 people looking for a place to live after their lives were completely upended due to this fire.

How quickly was the apartment complex fire in Killeen, Texas able to be contained?

City of Killeen/Canva
City of Killeen/Canva

Once the Killeen Fire Department arrived on the scene after the 2:54 PM alarm call, they quickly accessed the situation and upgraded the alarm by requesting for immediate backup. 2 additional engines and 2 more chiefs arrived to bring the total personnel up to 36 to combat the blaze.

The fire took about and hour and 15 minutes to contain, and the fire and smoke damage was limited to just 4 units on the 2nd floor and attic space of the complex. 4 more units downstairs received heavy water damage from fighting the fire.

What caused the fire at the Killeen apartment complex?

City of Killeen/Canva
City of Killeen/Canva

According to this article with the City of Killeen, the fire was accidental and began in a construction area that was being performed on one of the 2nd floor apartments.

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