We don't really think about roads much do we? At least we don't pay attention to them until you hit a pothole that wasn't previously reported, which makes you worry that damaged your car in some way. Nothing ruins your day like a blown tire, that is for sure.

So sometimes, roads will have to undergo renovations. However, these renovations will obviously impede one major thing, and that is us driving on them. We've all said words that are unprintable when we run into road we didn't plan for.

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Thankfully for us, the projects that are planned are announced as to ease the discomfort for us who drive.

Recently Announced Road Projects In Killeen

Thankfully for our collective sanities, two projects have already been completed, according to KCEN:

- Greenforest Circle from Roy Reynolds Drive to Greenforest Circle
- Twin Creek Drive from Veterans Memorial Boulevard to Rancier Avenue

One is currently underway, which is Old FM 440 from Central Texas Expressway to Stan Schlueter Loop. But that leaves five that are still planned to begin at some point. These are listed by KCEN in order they are set to take place:

- WS Young Drive from Central Texas Expressway to Veterans Memorial Boulevard
- Brandy Loop on Fort Hood Street
- Desert Willow Drive from Clear Creek Road to Bachelor Button Boulevard
- Elms Road from Windfield Drive to Clear Creek Road
-  Judson Avenue from Deputy Driver to Stan Schlueter Loop

Dates have not been revealed for these projects to begin. So, be prepared Central Texas! Road congestion and orange is coming soon, much to our disappointment.

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