There one thing many dread in the state of Texas: Road work.

It's even worse when one doesn't expect it to pop up on their commute to wherever they're going isn't it? It could be a regular commute to work, or perhaps a dinner reservation. Whatever it could be, unexpected road fixing catches everyone off guard.

But we all have to remember that it's for the best, as improved roads make everyone happier. It's just sometimes hard to think that when were in stuck in bumper to bumper in 100 degree weather. The main question that one think when stuck due to though has to be "when will this be completed?"

For one major roadway in the Central Texas area, it'll be nearly ten years before the roadways are completed. The roadway in question is none other than I-35.

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I-35 Set To Undergo Almost A Decade Of Construction


As reported by MySanAntonio, the $531 million project is set to begin at the end of 2024. December 2nd is the estimated start date for the adjustments to "I-35 from Holly Street to US 290 west and SH 7H," as reported by MySA, Construction is set to include two new lanes, northbound and southbound.

These lanes will be considered "non-toll." In addition, these will be added:

- bypass lanes
- drainage
- new structures
- shared used paths

Further details can be found here.

The expansion is not without it's issues however, as it has faced opposition. The project itself has been set to conclude in 2033. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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