A few weeks back, we discussed certain school districts in Texas banning cell phone usage during the school day. While some in the Killeen, Texas area supported the idea of school restricting the usage of phones during class, other parents worried about whether or not their child would be able to contact them if there was an emergency at their school.

When we took the idea to social media, parents commented their stance on the issue. Some liked the idea of a campus phone ban, while others were skeptical of whether such a ban helps in any way.

Killeen, Texas Parents Respond to Idea of School Phone Ban

With various responses to the issue, we decided to look at them at see the point raised by the parents of students in the state.

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Sarah Comment

This is a very fair point from Sarah. I loved listening to my music during break times in college. But also there is a time and a place for that.

Listening to music during instruction or checking various social media platforms during that time can be a distraction in the classroom. Not only that, but texting and distracting someone else can be a point of contention.

Ya Vonn Comment

This is definitely an interesting situation. If a student isn't showing that they are going to use their phone during the day, but it's visible, is it an issue?

Meshell Comment

With how quickly information spreads these days, some students might do silly things. So not being glued to the phone during school seems like the best course of action.

Misty MK Comment
Ginger Comment

Overall, general consensus seems to be that parents are ok with students having phones, but they shouldn't be used during lessons. Do you agree or disagree with this? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app.

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