We all at points in our lives deal with car troubles. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times too doesn't it? Whether it be battery troubles or a headlight/taillight being out, it just stinks.

But what about one of the important parts of the car that makes it move? Without them, the car isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. We are of course talking about tires.

Yes some don't pay much attention to the circles on the vehicle until they're unfortunately either flat or no longer useful. But when the tires go down, it is a problem.

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Most of time, tires go flat or down without anyone's interference. Sometimes we run over a nail, but for the most part tires stay reliable. Until somebody messes with them, which unfortunately is back in Central Texas.

Tire Slashers In Killeen

According to the Killeen Daily Herald, reports came in on both Friday and Saturday of tires being cut down. One vehicle whose tires were slashed was reported to be at the building of the Herald, with all tires cut down. According to reports, 52 vehicles had their tires tampered with.

How Can Residents In Killeen Avoid Potential Tire Cutting

The Killeen Police Department is encouraging residents to park in areas that are well lit and to make sure their vehicle is secure. They also ask to report any dubious behavior to police.

To those slashing tires, we simply ask...why? There's no need!

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