Don't Panic! I know the headline above can send a Texan into a frenzy but it's not all bad news.

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Of course a "Whataburger Closing" can sound bad but in this case, it's not as bad as it could be.

Killeen Whataburger

Can I ask a question first, how is it that Killeen, Texas, with a population over 160,000 people, only has one Whataburger? I mean, if everybody in town wanted a Dr Pepper shake at one time at one time, the line would go on for miles.

Every other town in Central Texas has a Whataburger on every other street in fact, isn't it in the Texas code of law somewhere that requires a Whataburger location every 2-3 miles apart from one another? Sure seems like I see them everywhere I go and that's a good thing. You never know when a Whataburger craving will strike, and when it does, having one close might just save your life.

Killeen Whataburger Closed

One main reason I advocate for additional Whataburger locations is simple, example A if you will, According to The Killeen Daily Herald, the only Whataburger in Killeen, 2509 E. Trimmier Road, is temporarily closed, meaning residents will now need to travel great lengths in search of Texas' favorite burger.

Some will make the trip to the Harker Heights location but others might be tempted to hit up In-N-Out for a one of those California type burgers. Yes, the struggle is real.

The Good News

The Killeen location is only closed temporarily for "improvements" and will hopefully be open soon.

Hang in there Killeen, I know this hurts.

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