Since October 21st Rosalind Edwards had been living her dream: running her own food trailer full time.

But on Wednesday that dream and her trailer were stolen.

Our news partners KWTX report that a thief or thieves pulled up to her Killeen home in the middle of the afternoon, hitched her food truck trailer to their own vehicle and drove off.

Rosalind was home taking care of her sick son and saw it all.

“I saw it moving and I was like wait a minute my truck is leaving. I just came up here, grabbed the keys and started going down the street,”

-Rosalind Edwards

She immediately jumped in her car. Her brief chase with the thieves ended when she was cut off by another vehicle.

She told KWTX nearly in tears “I’m like my life is over. I’m seeing this person drive my truck down the street and I can’t get it,”.

After filing a report with Killeen Police the suspect’s vehicle was recovered late Wednesday but her food trailer was still missing.

The trailer means so much to her, it's how she supports her family. She recently quit her full-time job to focus solely on it. She's willing to just chalk it up as if nothing happened to get her trailer back.

“Drop off my trailer anywhere and I’ll just come pick it up. I don’t care…I don’t need your name, I don’t need anything else."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Killeen Police Department at (254) 501-8830.

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