A few years ago, the State of Texas awarded a historical marker in Killeen for the original cabin that was home to John Churchill Gaines Blackburn.

John was the son of John Porter Blackburn, who was one of the original settlers in Bell County and also took part in the War of 1812.

The Temple Daily Telegram reports that the Killeen cemetery where Blackburn Sr. rests will now have a historic marker of its own. Blackburn Cemetery sits in the Brookhaven Estates subdivision and is home to the resting place of John Porter Blackburn (1786 - 1855).

The cemetery sits on just under an acre of land, and is also the site of dozens of headstones that have a lot to tell about the early days of Bell County.

The historical marker coming to Blackburn Cemetery will in part memorialize the Blackburn family in Killeen. The family's story began in central Texas before Fort Hood and even before the railroad, and it's a fascinating part of our local history.


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