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Gather up the cast offs and throw them in the trash. Cut down the dead branches, and collect the leaves you never picked up last fall. Clean out the garage, the closets and the attic. Put it all on the curb.

The City of Killeen will pick most of it up for FREE. No going to the dump for you! Every Saturday in April, the City of Killeen is sending out the bulk pick up trucks. It’s all part of part of Killeen Up!




Items such as furniture, appliances and boxes will be picked up at curbside on designated Saturdays in addition to regular weekly pick up. There is no charge for the first 3 cubic yards, a 3 ft. by 3 ft. by 9 ft. pile. Each additional cubic yard will cost $7.

You can even put out tires. The first eight tires up to 22 inches will be picked up for no charge. A fee of $2 per tire will apply to additional tires. The city will not pick up tractor tires or those larger than 22 inches.

Each household may place one brush and one demolition material pile, up to 4 ft. by 4 ft. by 12 ft. each, to be picked up at no charge. Each additional cubic yard will be charged a $7 fee.

Here is the collection schedule:

Regular day                        Saturday collection

Monday                               April 4

Tuesday                              April 11

Thursday                             April 18

Friday                                  April 25


This Saturday collection does not include rock, dirt, deceased animals or liquid waste. Household hazardous waste materials like pesticides, paint, oil, chemicals or batteries are also prohibited.
For more information about the upcoming Saturday collections, please call 501-7785.