Country singer Kip Moore took the 'starving artist' adage to a rather ... buggy level, but he admits it was worth it.

The 'Hey Pretty Girl' singer stayed in a dingy, one-room place that didn't even have hot water while working on his sophomore record, even when he could afford better. And the worst part? It was bug-infested -- and we're not talking just a few friendly house flies, either.

Moore describes his now former place to ABC News Radio (quote via Country Weekly), and it sounds downright awful, at least for those who are bug-wary. “Lots and lots of bugs, man. Just tons of it, man,” Kip tells ABC News Radio.

“You’d be laying there in bed and all the sudden a roach flies on your face.” We're not sure that Moore lured any pretty girls over to his one-room place with that description. But, he did get something really satisfying out of the deal, as he explains, “I got the whole second record out of it, so it served its purpose.”

Moore is now in a beach-themed home, and it does have hot water without the six-legged (or more) creatures to disturb him. “I’ve been writing like crazy in it,” he says. And, perhaps he's thanking his lucky stars that he doesn't have to bear any more bugs while composing his country tunes.

He just wrapped up the Burn the Whole World Down Tour this fall and is working to release his second album. And if he gets writer's block? Well, he'll just need to hunt down a few roaches, and they should get the creative juices flowing!