If you've lived in Killeen, Texas long enough, you've just sort of gotten used to how badly people can drive around here. You've probably just adapted to survive and don't really think about it much, but then something like this happens and you're forced to.

Someone Ran Into K's Oriental Food in Killeen

I am not exactly sure as to why or who, but when I heard somebody drove their car into K's Oriental Food at 700 Jefferis Ave, I was devastated.

I am not even going to lie: if you’re from Killeen you know how good this woman’s food is. The most important thing is that the the nice lady and her husband who run this establishment are perfectly fine. What’s so odd about the situation is that is happened in broad daylight. There was no word of a high-speed chase, and no one’s talking about anybody being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Courtesy of Chelsea Callow
Courtesy of Chelsea Callow


I noticed in a private group on social media that many Killeen residents were just as outraged as I was, not only for the staff and the business owners but also for the amazing food.

Now hear me out. I know that might sound very selfish, but if you’re from the Marlboro area of the city of Killeen (which happens to be the first minority neighborhood in our town), you know how important this place is. This is somewhere everyone would grab lunch right after school, or even dinner with family later that night. It's a Killeen landmark, so you can understand why so many people are upset.

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I cannot stress enough how important this establishment is. It has been around literally since before I was born. K's is known for the delicious Yaki Mandu, fried rice, and garlic chicken. You cannot go to Marlboro Heights in Killeen and not order from this place.

It’s truly unfortunate what happened, and we’re hoping that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible. We are, however, very happy that everyone is safe. It could have ended with lives lost, which really could affect the family and our neighborhood in the worst way. K's is just as much a landmark in Killeen as City Hall - it’s a part of us.

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