Remember those strange and mysterious creepy dolls that keep washing up on Texas beaches we told you about in late April?

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'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver hates them so much that he's offered to buy them so he can "burn them all."

Texas Creepy Doll Mystery

As we've mentioned in an earlier article, the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve, otherwise known as the "Reserve", have been finding these dolls year after year along the same stretch of beach in Texas.

It's believed that these dolls are coming from Mexico and getting caught up in the "loop current" in the Gulf of Mexico and eventually washing up along the Texas coast. Of course, some believe these dolls to be haunted, and John Oliver is apparently one of them.

"Last Week Tonight"

My San Antonio reports that 'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver took to a web-only segment to offer his theory of where the dolls came from and what he thinks should be done to them immediately.

Here's the video:

"Burn Them Now"

Oliver says, "I am very worried that each and every one of them is coming from a little girl who is 4,000 years old, lives on a floating Victorian house that haunts the Gulf, and holds the Devil in her little heart." He's offered to buy the dolls with a donation to the Reserve so he can "burn them. Burn them now."

The bit is really funny, and Jace Tunnell, director of the the Mission-Aransas Reserve at the University of Texas Marine Institute, said in a statement that he has the dolls ready to send to Oliver and calls the video "hilarious."

Funny or not, Oliver has a point here. These dolls are creepy and should be destroyed immediately before something evil happens.

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