Five rising female stars tackle one of the great summer songs in this #LetTheGirlsPlay cover. The women of Song Suffragettes’ rendition of Little Big Town’s “Pontoon” mixes sweet harmonies with good-time summer vibes.

May’s #LetTheGirlsPlay spotlight singer Kalie Shorr begins the song, singing the opening lines with acoustic guitar in hand. Every girl that joins the Song Suffragette singers' round needs to be able to play an instrument, as well.

Hailey Steele takes the second half of the first verse. You may recall her from her time on the The Voice. She also co-wrote RaeLynn’s “Boyfriend.”

All five singers — including Jilian Linklater, Morgan Dawson and Alina Smith — join for the chorus before Dawson begins the second verse. Together more and more voices are added throughout the song. Shorr and Steele strum, while Smith turns her acoustic into a percussion instrument.

Check out Song Suffragettes every Monday night at Nashville’s Listening Room Cafe. Each performance includes five singers looking for a group to grow with as a means to catching the elusive big break. Taste of Country will publish the cover performances weekly, and spotlight one singer during the first week of each month.

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