Happy Halloween!

My day just got a whole lot brighter after seeing this story about a  little girl from North Carolina who turned her wheelchair into a cop car from KENS5.

"Our daughter loves police officers so what better Halloween costume than to turn her wheelchair into a police car!”

-Stephanie Yarboro, the little girls mother

Check out the lights on that thing. I bet those are genuine LED! Plus she has the uniform complete with a hat.

Makes me smile.

Alright, I have to step up my costume game now. I'm fixing to go to Goodwill after work today for my party on Saturday.

I will be going as *drum roll* the one and only Thomas Magnum from TV's Magnum P.I.!

Short shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and if I can find one a Detriot Tigers ball cap is what I need.

Check out my internet picture thing @havenmedrano

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