For many of us retirement seems like a far-fetched dream but those smart, and sometimes lucky, enough to actually make that dream a reality, there is a local city here that ranks pretty high on the "Best Texas Cities to Retire In" list.

Determining Factors

According to a study from SmartAsset, a personal finance company, which listed the top 10 Texas cities to retire in based on several different factors including state and local tax rates plus, number of doctors’ offices per 1,000 people, recreation centers per 1,000 people, retirement centers per 1,000 people and the percentage of seniors in the city.

Top 10

With all those factors weighed in, plus a few more, here are your Top 10 Texas Cities to Retire in.

10 - Webster, Texas

9 - Boerne, Texas

8 - Humble, Texas

7 - Burnet, Texas

6 - Tomball, Texas

5 - Richmond, Texas

4 - Fredericksburg, Texas

3 - Woodway, Texas

2 - Granbury, Texas

1 - Katy, Texas

Nice Showing for the Locals

Woodway, part of the Waco metro area, finished with a total index score of 43.52. Granbury finished a 46.89 and Katy with a 53.88.

Houston Strong

The Houston area had a strong showing with five top 10 finished in Katy, Richmond, Tomball, Humble and Webster.

Not So Strong Overall

Overall Texas in general didn't have a strong showing in Wallethub's 2022 Best States to Retire list, Texas finished at #34 out of 50. Not a very strong showing by the Lone Star State. Florida, Virginia and Colorado finished 1, 2 and 3 while New York, Mississippi and New Jersey would close out the bottom three.

Come to Texas

Say what you want about the list but if Texas is such a bad place to retire in, why are so many people coming to our great state. U-Haul named Texas as the #1 growth state of 2021 meaning more people are moving to Texas than any other state.

You know as well as I do that once you're here, you're home. Why would anybody want to retire anywhere else?

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