News 10 is reporting that a Falls County farmer has been arrested for animal cruelty.

Robert “Bob” Davis, 62, has been charged with nine counts of cruelty to livestock animals on Wednesday. He posted bail and was released from the Falls County Jail the same day.

Davis is the owner of cattle and horses at a ranch near Durango. After reports of adverse living conditions, authorities seized eight cattle and one horse who was in dire condition.

"We only picked the ones that were in sure enough bad shape and in our opinion were in dire straits of needing some medical attention and/or some feed,” said Sheriff Ricky Scaman. "Their hips were kind of sunk in, they were up high, the ribs were showing, just various stages of malnutrition."

A veterinarian was called in to look at all of the confiscated animals.

"Just in a couple of days they've already started regaining some of their weight, not all of it but some, but there's some still in terrible condition," said Scaman.

Davis has claimed that the accusations are false and that the animals were living in livable conditions. He is expected to fight the charges.

A hearing has already been scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

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