A local sheriff facing charges for felony assault on a public servant, sexual assault, and misdemeanor official oppression is free on bond with the power to arrest you.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, a judge ruled that Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman can still act as an officer of the law.

Law enforcement provided a list of 18 recommendations as bond conditions for Scaman, but District Judge Bryan Russ removed 5 of the recommendations that were listed, arguably some of the most important ones.

Thanks to Judge Russ, Scaman is allowed to keep his badge, drive police vehicles, act as an officer of the law, possess firearms, and does not have to wear an ankle monitor.

So despite the fact that multiple co-workers of Scaman have alleged that they were sexually assaulted, this guy is allowed to remain in power.

I don't know about you, but I'm completely disgusted and I do not feel protected at all. I drive through Falls County every day alone. I cannot help but think about the possibility that Scaman could potentially pull me over.

And then what?

I cringe at the thought.

I pieced together a timeline of Ricky Scaman, and for me, it's clear to see that he has a pattern of abusing authority.

Thank you Judge Russ, I feel "so safe." Obviously sarcasm, because I am terrified! If this man was so cavalier to assault other officers of the law and use his position of authority to intimidate them, just what do you think he would do to a regular citizen?

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