Fannie and Johnnie Leroy Chaffin were recognized by Governor Greg Abbott as the longest-married couple in Texas on October 17th.

The Paris, Texas couple have been married 82 years making it the second year in a row they have been named the 'Longest Married Couple in Texas' according to KXIIFOXNEWS12.

Johnnie is 100 and Fannie is 97, making them just 17 and 15 when they got hitched. Linda Reavis, one of their daughters said they used to play together as little kids, and met again when they were in their teens.

When asked about the secret to a long-lasting marriage Fannie joked "Well there weren't many men around to marry."

Johnnie gave the serious and sweet response of "Love is all I know. Love is one of the greatest things in the world if it's done right. And that's the way it is,"

Fannie responded with "I love you. So much, that's why we had a house full of kids,"

The 82 years had their rough times with sickness and living through the great depression, but they are forever grateful for having each other through it all.

I want to beat that record. I may be a single hopeless romantic who's older than they were, but I'll find the girl and continue to eat my veggies.

Oh, being married a long time also means you have a chance for a lot of grandkids. The Chaffin's have quite a few, to say the least. Spanning six generations they have over 200 grandchildren. How many turkeys is that at Thanksgiving?

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