The Texas Longhorn Band has spoken and "The Eyes of Texas" will not be played at this Saturday's game.

The University of Texas alma mater, "The Eyes of Texas," has been under fire since this summers Black Lives Matter protests. Student athletes even asked the school to drop the song all together in which the school said no. They opted instead to boost Black student enrollment and recruitment, but decided to keep the song and educate students on it's history.

The Daily Texan reports that a survey of band members revealed that students were unwilling to play the schools alma mater and have opted out of including it for this weekends Baylor, Texas game in Austin. Instead, the school will play a recording of the song as it did during the first two home games of this season.

This will be the first weekend that the band has played in person, all season. Band leader Scott Hanna said the results of the survey will not affect future games.

UT-Austin President Jay Hartzell said, "We knew this summer that, as we make our campus a more welcoming place, we would face many hard conversations. I remain truly optimistic that we will find ways to join together around our song, which has been so positive for so many Longhorns over the past 120 years.”

"The Eyes of Texas" was written by John Sinclair, a UT band member, in 1903. He wrote the lyrics to the same melody as, "I've been working on the railroad."

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