It's that time of year again! Christmas is over and most of us are scrambling to make plans for New Year's Eve. Even though there can be pressure to do something really special in honor of the new year, Luke Bryan recently revealed that his best New Year's Eve was spent with good friends.

Of course, if you're dating someone you really like, New Year's Eve already feels like a special occasion. Bryan's best NYE in memory is from a year when he and his now-wife, Caroline, first started dating. Instead of throwing a blowout party, they spent some time quality with friends.

“My best New Year’s Eve is definitely when my wife and I started back dating. We started back dating right before Christmas, and we went on a trip down to Florida and met some friends," Bryan recalls. "And her birthday is New Year’s Eve. We celebrated it that night. It was just a great night.”

Although the hip-shaking country singer didn't spill his plans for this NYE, we're sure that he'll be celebrating a very successful 2012. This year, Bryan won several awards, including sweeping at least six categories at the 2012 ACAs. Plus, his hit tune 'Drunk on You' not only went No. 1, but also struck platinum this year. Bryan should definitely take some time to pat himself on the back before 2013 rolls in!

From the get-go, next year will be a busy one for the popular country crooner. Bryan will kick off his Dirt Road Diaries Tour on January 17 in Evansville, Ind. The singer-songwriter will be accompanied by husband-wife duo Thompson Square, as well as newcomers Florida Georgia Line.