Luke Bryan spent Monday afternoon (March 23) in Arizona, taking batting practice with the Chicago White Sox. So how'd he do? Well, umm ... he looked really good in baseball pants.

Video shows Bryan getting five pitches. He swings and misses once, chops two into the dirt in front of home plate, dribbles another toward third base and makes solid contact on the other. Not missed in this Twitter video: the Chicago White Sox apparently work out to late '90s rock music during spring training. Everyone knows the Wallflowers win championships.

Country stars turning up at spring training is nothing new. Garth Brooks made it a yearly thing, usually playing in games for charity (our stat guy has his batting average at .025). Bryan's stop in Arizona no doubt came from his business partnership with White Sox first baseman Adam LeRoche. Along with Jason Aldean, they formed the Buck Commander hunting apparel company.

That's not the only country connection the White Sox have. Pitcher John Danks is married to singer Ashley Monroe. If catcher J.P. Arencibia joined the team (married to the Band Perry's Kimberly Perry), country would be united! But alas, he remains in the Baltimore Orioles system.

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