Let's face it, most of us don't want to appear in court for any reason during our lives. Thankfully, most of us will follow the rules and laws set, and never have to worry about appearing inside a courtroom. But there are others who help uphold the law, and day in and day out handle multiple cases.

In any building regarding law, there is a general decorum that all follow. Being on your best behavior is certainly of the top priority. Sometimes however, not all individuals follow this ideology.

Take for example this individual who attempted to enter a courtroom without permission:

While this is just an example, sometimes the unexpected happens INSIDE the courtroom. Recently, this happened in Central Texas.

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One Moment In Court That A Judge And Lawyers Won't Forget

The details of what happened are provided by KWTX. An individual by the name of Bryan Andrew Bruce was on ZOOM regarding his arson case for the pretrial hearing. While rather unorthodox, ZOOM was incorporated into courtrooms during COVID to help with social distancing.

During proceedings, the judge, noticed Bruce displaying rather strange behavior. The judge noticed that Bruce was holding a firearm upside his cat's head. The judge asked why was doing such a thing, and Bruce claimed that it wasn't a real feline.

The hearing was stopped shortly afterwards, with various motions were put into place to make sure everything with alright with Bruce.

So remember Texans, be on your best behavior in court!

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