Sometimes it's fun to pretend to be someone else right? Like a famous individual, or a music star. Most of the impersonations happen in October, specifically on Halloween. But they can happen year round too.

Here's thing though, impersonating someone for fun is generally not an issue. It's when someone tries to use power they don't have that things can get dicey, to say the least. So it's best for the most of the time to pretend to do things.

But one unnamed person in Texas decided to not only imitate someone important, they also decided to try something rather silly after the ruse was uncovered.

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An FBI Impersonation Leads To Even More Craziness

Fox 44 reported that on March 25th, an unidentified male was arrested for mimicking an FBI Agent. When officers arrested the unknown male, they discovered he was holding other people's ways of identification, seven different ones to be exact. The individual's vehicle also had information that contradicted it's VIN number.

So after the man was taken into custody, he was taken to the Freestone County Jail. Limestone County was involved, as they may also press charges against the individual. However, the story doesn't end here.

On March 27th, the man was taken to visitation room in the facility as someone came to see them. During the visit, the individual made an attempt to flee the facility. He failed, and now faces an added charge for his attempt to escape.

The moral of the story? Just be yourself and someone you're not!

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