A horrific event played out on Monday night in Clifton, Texas as two teenage girls have been arrested and charged following the beating of another girl at Clifton City Park.

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As a father of a teenage girl, this is exactly the kind of thing I worry about for my daughter.

Clifton Police Make Arrest

Our news partners at KWTX report that the Clifton Police Department arrested two teenage girls, Savannah Walker, 17, and Ahliah Vestal, 17, after both jumped and beat Maya Tremillo who is also 17-years-old.

Both girls are being charged with aggravated assault. The attack was captured on video by a third juvenile, who police say is 16. They will also be charged, but they were not arrested because of the lack of juvenile facilities and resources.

The beating happened after Vestal had arranged the meeting at the park. Clifton Police Chief Chris Blanton says:

“Apparently it had something to do with a boy, and so a mutual friend of these two set up this meeting at the Clifton City Park for the sole purpose of fighting. Once the victim showed up, she got jumped by this girl.”

Walker was the girl that jumped and beat Tremillo. Both 17-year-old girls will be charged as adults.

Tremillo was taken to the hospital and treated for back, rib, and neck injuries, as well as a sprained ankle and a concussion. She is also seeing a doctor for a damaged cornea.

Dad's Worst Nightmare

As a father of a 14-year-old freshman girl, it's this type of story that scares me the most.

My daughter has dealt with bullying all school year long. Social media makes it worse, as the threats are posted online for everybody to see and egg on. It's gotten so bad that my daughter has stayed home from school from fear of being jumped in the hallways.

Yes, we've reported it to school officials, but the threats continue. It's gotten to the point where my daughter can't go to school sports functions in fear of something happening while she's there.

My daughter is just one of many examples of what a lot of kids go through on a daily basis, and it has to stop. Nobody should live in fear of bullying. Schools have procedures set up for incidents that happen during school hours, but to be lured to a park and jumped and beaten is a crime. Until the punishment is severe enough, things like this will probably continue to happen.

I personally feel like those standing around watching should also be charged.

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