The Mexia Police Department is hoping the public can help them find a father and daughter who've been missing since Sunday.

In a news release, police shared photos of 23-year-old Christopher Scott Parson and 1-year-old Bexley Parson.

Police included information about a vehicle as well, but did not specify if the two were last seen in it. The vehicle was described as a dark green Toyota Corolla with Texas license plate DFD 5933. A relative of Parson's said the Toyota was a 2014 model.

If you have any information that can help get this father and daughter home safely for Christmas, please contact the Mexia Police Department at (254) 562-4150.

On an unrelated note, please make it a point to check on any elderly or solitary neighbors or relatives you may have. The holiday season can be a tough time for these folks, and a visit from someone who cares could lift their spirits.

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