Midway Independent School District is taking a closer look at its after-school pickup guidelines after a student was allowed to go home on the wrong bus and ended up wandering around in the rain.

The parents of a young Woodway child are not ok with their child being stranded after boarding the wrong school bus this week and are asking for Midway ISD to review their after-school policies. 5-year-old Andrew Brown was supposed to go to his daycare after school but was dropped off at his apartment instead.

It just happened that passers by saw the boy crying and offered him assistance and shelter but what if there had not been someone around to help? It would def make me a nervous parent.

Andrew's parents told KWTX, “Why did he not go to daycare, what happened, he has a tag on his backpack, what’s going on? I don't want this to happen to another child, I don't want another parent to feel how I felt."

Midway ISD students are "tagged" by as car-rider, walker, bus-rider, or other. Andrew's tag allows him into the non-district bus line for a ride to a local daycare. The boy's tag was somehow left uncheck and he wandered onto the wrong bus. Andrew was dropped off and alone for 17 minutes according to the KWTX report before officials notified his parents of the mistake.

School officials told Andrew's parents the boy chose to get onto a different bus by himself. Video clips show otherwise. Midway ISD officials don't seem to have an answer that satisfies Andrew's parents.

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