Berzerker twerker Miley Cyrus engaged in a skirmish with a snapper last night (Sept. 4) and promptly referred to him as the mother of all bad words – the 'c' word. GASP!

Cyrus took to Twitter to proudly share the news of her run-in with a pap before he had the chance to go to TMZ or other gossip outlets and make a complaint about her.

Cyrus tweeted: "Just called this paparazzi a C--T. So before he makes breaking "news" out if it. Ill just say it. Ha-Ha ‪#C--T."

Rather than let the pap control the spin on this little tussle, she decided to take the power back and reveal it to her millions of fans, followers and Smilers. So she's one step ahead of the game.

We have to admit -- that's a really dirty word. It doesn't sound nice coming out of her mouth, even if it was via digital transmission. It's an ugly-sounding word.

While we appreciate Cyrus' desire to dictate the spin, she made a headline out of it herself. She simply beat the photog to the punch.

Oh Miley, what are we going to do with you?