Mount couple facing at least marijuana possession charges after a raid Monday morning.

Via Coryell County jail
Via Coryell County jail

With so many states legalizing the sale of marijuana, everyone seems to be treating the sale of marijuana in a non-legalized state as sort of like the 5 mph over the speed limit rule. Alas, that is not the case.

They may convince themselves that the judges will be lenient since so many other states are OK with it, but that's clearly not the case.

According to KWTX, Monday morning, over in Coryell County, a man and his wife, were arrested at a home on 604 County Road 320 in the Mount area as a result of which authorities seized marijuana and synthetic marijuana.

Douglas, 45 and Sabrina Bishop, 42, are facing marijuana possession charges, and additional charges are possible. That's according to Coryell County Chief Deputy Mark Wilcox.

It seems deputies recovered 1.6 pounds of marijuana including packaging and 28.49 ounces of a substance that field-tested positive for synthetic marijuana.

“Other items were located at the residence with the possibility or federal charges coming along with further state charges,” Wilcox said.

The tide is turning on marijuana, but the power steering has gone out in Texas, so it's going to be a hard, slow turn. If you must sell the weed, move to Colorado.

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