Prop A's acceptance and then repeal has been a controversial talking point as of late. For those unaware of this measure, this controversy first began in November.

Prop A's Passing And Repeal

On November 8th, 2022, Prop A passed with enough votes from the population of Harker Heights. The Proposition decriminalized marijuana in Harker Heights, and also decriminalized marijuana possession of up to four ounces.

Shortly after the passing of the Proposition however, the order was rescinded by the city. According to KXXV, the city stated there was "no authority to enact an ordinance contrary to state law."

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Since the repeal, Ground Game Texas has been obtaining signatures to get the proposition back via a referendum petition. KXXV reports that the organization was able to get over 500 signatures, which was also more than enough to pass the limit needed.

What This Means For Prop A

Ground Game Texas told KXXV that everything they've done leads to Prop A to back into law in the city of Harker Heights. At least until May of 2023, when voters will be tasked once again of deciding on it.

When KXXV asked for a comment from the city, Jerry Black, the Assistant City Manager, told the new organization that when the paperwork was obtained, they would review it, as they city charter states.

Ground Game also said to KXXV that once the signatures are confirmed, Harker Heights must hold off on their decision to repeal Prop A.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information as it becomes available.

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