A family of 3 is dead after an apparent murder suicide according to reports from Houston, TX.

Relatives of the family discovered the bodies of the couple as well as their 5-year-old daughter. The relatives had become concerned about the family after they were unable to contact them for a few days.

Concerned by their silence, relatives decided to visit the apartment of the family at the 21000 block of Inverness Forest off the Hardy Toll Road. Upon arrival they spotted the family's vehicles still parked outside of their apartment. After knocking with no response they decided to visit the leasing office for assistance.

The manager of the apartment was able to let the relatives into the apartment, where they found that all three members of the family were deceased in a bedroom. Officials aren't sure who killed who first, but believe the father to be liable for the murders, due to finding a firearm near his body.

The family of the departed explained to officials that nothing had seemed amiss before they lost contact with them. Detectives discovered that the father had not reported for work on Friday, and the last time anyone heard from the family was that Tuesday.  Authorities are investigating the timeline of events and are canvassing the apartment for anyone who may have heard or seen something.

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