The final chapter in a story that has been happening in Waco, Texas will finally be written almost exactly 4 years after it began. The sentencing hearing has not been set, but the fate of Elijah Jamal Craven now lies in the hands of 54th State District Judge Susan Kelly after the jury in his trial only took 50 minutes to find him guilty for murdering Aquarius McPhaul, 17, on September 10, 2019.

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Why was the jury able to find Craven guilty so easily?

According to multiple eye witness testimony, Craven, who was also 17 at the time, shot McPhaul multiple times after he refused to hand over his gold watch in a robbery attempt. One witness went so far as to say Craven,

“Started laughing like it was funny.”

What other evidence was used besides eye witness testimony against Craven?

The most incriminating physical evidence was a camo ski mask that was left at the scene of the murder. A forensic analyst was able to testify that Craven's DNA, and that of 3 other people, was found near McPhaul's body on South 4th Street.

Was this a hate crime?

Additional evidence was presented after examining Craven's communication via his mobile phone and social media that questioned McPhaul's sexual orientation, and that Craven had threatened to beat up McPhaul if he was gay.

25 News KXXV YouTube/Canva
25 News KXXV YouTube/Canva

Daezion Watkins was the co-defendant in the murder of McPhaul, and will also await their future fate as the story reaches its final pages. You can learn more in this KWTX article.

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