A bike rally was held Sunday in Austin to honor the memory of the two victims that died as the result of a drunk driver eluding police at the annual SXSW Festival.  There are others still recovering at area hospitals, and one injured young lady got a special treat with a private performance by her favorite band.

I've personally not heard of Jared & The Mill, but they're the favorite band of Mason Endres, a young lady lucky to be alive after being hit by the car driven by Killeen resident Rashad Owens barrelled down Red River St. in Austin, killing two and injuring nearly two dozen others.  Her injuries include a broken femur, fractured neck, a concussion and a broken nose after being thrown more than 10 feet in the air from the impact of the car.

Mason didn't get to see her favorite band, Jared & The Mill, perform Friday night at SXSW, but after hearing of one of their biggest fan's predicament, they leaped into action.  The entire band showed up at the hospital where Mason was still recovering from her injuries, and the resulting tears and smiles show just what music can do for the heart, soul and body.  I'm officially a Jared & The Mill fan now.